~ Kuih Lopes Kak Liza ~

biggrin alahai lamanyer x update resepi ... oklah .. ini salah satu my kuih favourites time bulan puasa nie .. sgt2 senang & simple nak buat yer .. x sempat nk snap gambar semalam mrgreen

Ingredients :

2 cups glutinous rice (washed and soak with a teaspoon of lime water (air kapur) for an hour. Put through a strainer and rinse again)
2 cups coconut milk mixed with a bit of salt
1 cup screwpine leaves juice (jus pandan)
1/2 coconut ~ scraped

Method :

1. Mix all the above ingredients except scraped coconut in a bowl and steam till cooked, about 30 minutes.
2. Once cooked, scoop a heaped tablespoon of the rice and place it on a piece of plastic, on top of a necafe bottle cover. This is considered to be the mould.
3. Cover the rice with the plastic and press to give it a nice shape.
4. Remove the plastic and coat with scraped coconut.
5. Serve with sugar syrup. (masak gula melaka + air sedikit)

arrow Resepi & gambar taken from Iron Chef Mamafami ..TQ my iron chef wink